Viktor Nikolovski


Bilateral Meetings

  • November 13, 2015 (01:30 pm - 03:30 pm)
DescriptionStart-up company from Macedonia is developing smart electronic and automation solutions. This company has created an innovative technology for a cost effective and inexpensive smart house solution, enabling users to control their homes/offices from everywhere they are via Internet. Their devices can be installed in every apartment, office, house or building and works on already existing electric installation. All electric home appliance devices, room lights, door locks or water sprinkles in the garden can be connected to a wireless network and managed through a mobile application. Based their own technology, company can develop various software and electronic hardware components for industrial automation purposes such as production lines, manufacturing processes, plant installations or automation modules for OEM. The company can offer: - Touch light switches with wireless control function - Electricity sockets with wireless control function - Temperature sensors - Smoke detectors, Flood sensors and Alarm sensors - RF-Transmitters - Electric wireless door lock - Control unit - Mobile application - Boiler regulator - Outdoor lightening - Wireless thermostat module - Manufactory production line automation - Heating automation module - Plant temperature regulator. - R&D HW/SW Development The company defines the following as the benefits of their technology: - plug-and-play installation method, - compatibility with every existing electric installation, - One switch can be connected with several lights and command them at the same time, - Unique design, - Changeable design cover, - Presence simulation function, - Touch panel with led indicator, - Dimmer, - Affordable prices, - European quality, - Free mobile app with easy navigation for IOS and Android. There is no need to put new cables, wires or installation in order to mount the devices. The company is looking for partners to distribute and sell their products on mass market. R&D collaboration is possible and this company can be outsourced to develop new technology for specific needs of the market.
Organization Type ICT companies
CitySkopje, ДУШАН ТАСКОВИЌ 33 Google map
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